We have the facilities to produce a range of different features such as machine readable bar-codes, magnetic stripes and chip/smart cards. Encrypted validation PIN numbering of the card with associated authorisation software so that you can confirm if the card is genuine.
The card can display any information, qualifications or data that you require for training awards, accreditation, standards of competence and grading.
We can also offer a full bureau service to accommodate your requirments, data can be accepted electronically or in paper form for data entry. Distribution of cards can be made individually to the candidates and can include any promotional media you have for a full registration pack.
We have a range of clips, wallets, chains and lanyards that can be personalised to your requirements. Also our printing facilities allows us to provide cost effective printing of your media material.
We can provide a number of personalised logos, holograms and low cost hologram effect logos that can be printed or hot-foiled to meet requirements